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1ère Soutenance de doctorat LMD  en Anglais, Mme MELLIT Djihane

1ère Soutenance de doctorat LMD en Anglais, Mme MELLIT Djihane

Département de langue et littérature anglaises
Intitulé de la thèse :
Raising EFL Learners’ Motivation to read Literary Texts through Using Literary Works –Based Films: The Case of Second Year LMD Students of English at Setif University
Résumé :
EFL students at Setif2 University have low interest in reading English literature. This reluctance is due to a number of critical issues. Therefore, this doctoral thesis was quasi experimental to examine the effectiveness of literature-based films in raising the reading motivation of seventy second-year students students’ reading motivation towards English literary texts. It also intended to ascertain the extent to, which students’ reading comprehension can be affected in relation to their reading motivation. Results showed that the target students demonstrated several positive effects of the treatment at the expense of the non-target. Their motivation to read was enhanced through reading the novel and watching its adaptation. Furthermore, their reading comprehension improved considerably as shown in the reading pre-test-post-test with t statistic of 7.686 and p value of 0.000.
Keywords: EFL Students, Literature Based Films, Literary Texts, Reading Comprehension, Reading Motivation.
Membres du jury
Dr. Salima Maouche Univ- de Bejaia Président
Dr. Nadia Idri Univ- de Bejaia Rapporteur
Dr. Fadila Kaci Univ- de Bejaia Examinateur
Dr. Hanane Sarnou Univ- de Mostaganem Examinateur
Dr. Abdelhak Hammoudi ENS El Eulma, Setif Examinateur

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